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by Ceki on June 6, 2017
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It has been revealed by the Seoul Metropolitan Police on June 5 that Choi Seung Hyun, better known as a member of K-Pop group BIGBANG under his stage name T.O.P, is going to be prosecuted without detention for the use of marijuana.

On June 1, details regarding his use of marijuana emerged and on June 3, he officially released a written apology about this case. 

T.O.P is currently holding a position in the police PR department for his mandatory military service but it has been revealed that he has been pronounced unfit for his duty in his current state and that he will be transferred to a different police unit.

However, as soon as he receives his official notice of prosecution, he will be removed from that position and sent home to wait for the prosecution. T.O.P already admitted and apologized for smoking marijuana twice but he is denying smoking liquid marijuana.

Apparently, he might receive a sentence of over 18 months and if that happens, he will be removed from the mandatory military service; However, he will have to return to finish his military service after getting out of jail. 



The Japanese actor and a former KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka, famous for his roles in My Boss, My Hero and One Third, was arrested two weeks ago for the possession of marijuana as well. It has been revealed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police that Tanaka was arrested after a policeman had ordered him to halt his vehicle. Tanaka declared that "the weed wasn't his". He was not driving under influence.

Tanaka has always been known as a rebel due to his numerous tattoos. He was fired by Johnny & Associates in 2013 when a tabloid published pictures of his private parts. He formed a rock band called “INKT” in 2014 but all of his future activities have been cancelled. It is not known whether he will go to jail or what the consequences will be.

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