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by Jeana on June 12, 2017
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5) Qi Ji - Cruel Romance


Qi Ji is as handsome as they come and rotten to the core. He's manipulative, ruthless, vindictive and completely manic. He doesn't have one redeemable bone in his body and he does some unforgivably despicable things throughout. He murders people like it's an everyday matter and he's not above getting dirty and low to achieve his mutinous goals. And yet, what he does- he does with style. He's highly efficient and skilled and the crazy gleam in his eyes along with his psychotic smirk makes it all the more interesting to see him in action.

4) Lee Jin Pyo - City Hunter

Lee Jin Piyo

Lee Jin Pyo's murderous glares are probably one of the most interesting things about City Hunter. For an ahjussi, LJP is quite striking. With his gentlemanly looks and softly spoken voice, his inner maliciousness is often disguised. He's driven by a single-minded revenge and he's not above destroying his son's life to achieve it. He's often heartless, overly practical and lacking mercy. Though, at the same time, there's something about his relationship with his son that makes you wish for him to turn good. *Spoiler* His redemption scene towards the end is undeniably one of the best scenes of the entire drama.

3) Tanashili - Empress Ki

Empress Ki is a drama filled to the brim with exciting villains. One of them is our beloved Tanashili. She is - to put it simply - a spoiled brat. She's extremely selfish, petty and out of control. Her childlike tendencies, impulsive acts of evil and thirst for power make her a very dangerous character. She'll make you hate her to an extreme and yet, she'll charm you into laughing at her antics. 

2) Choi Yoo Jin - The K2

Ah- Choi Yoo Jin is absolutely the star of The K2. She's smart, fearless and a woman scorned. She kills people off on the daily and has no qualms about having the murder of innocents on her hands. She'd do anything and destroy anyone in order to get herself what she wants- a strong position of power. But for all her deadliness, she's quite pitiful. She's lonely, insecure and someone who's been terribly hurt. As the drama progresses, you get acquainted with her multiple layers and let her grow on you. Towards the end, she'll force you to pray for her redemption.

1) Mishil - Queen Seon Duk

Mishil is the essence of QSD. Without her, there is no Queen Seon Duk. She's as beautiful, as she's ferocious- a brilliant strategist, always five steps ahead of her enemy, a skilled politician and a master manipulator. Behind every great move, Mishil is the one pulling all the strings. She's the kind of character who'll make you root for the bad guy. It's impossible to truly hate her because, despite her wickedness, she's an excellent ruler and a stunning woman of power.

P.S: These are, but a few of DramaLand's charming devils. Don't hesitate from mentioning others in the comments section!