by lo_ve, February 9, 2023

Lee Joon Hyuk will continue to portray the life of Seo Dong Jae from the hit K-drama Stranger.

On February 9, industry insiders revealed that the hit tvN K-drama Stranger will be having a spin-off K-drama. This time, the story of the supporting role of Seo Dong Jae will be unveiled. Lee Joon Hyuk portrayed the role in the past two seasons of Stranger and reports stated that the actor will return and be the main lead of the upcoming spin-off. 

Lee Joon Hyuk's side then responded to the reports. According to Ace Factory, Lee Joon Hyuk is confirmed to star in the upcoming spin-off of Stranger. They also revealed that he will be working again with writer Lee Soo Yeon

The spin-off of "Stranger" will reportedly be titled Good or Bad Dong Jae

Lee Joon Hyuk is a prosecutor in the Stranger series. He confronted the main lead Hwang Si Mok played by Cho Seung Woo. In the series, he was neither the villain nor the good friend of the main lead. Many are anticipating how the spin-off will showcase if Seo Dong Jae is good or bad. 

Good or Bad Dong Jae (working title) will begin filming in May. There are no official details yet on the release date and the actors that will be working with Lee Joon Hyuk in the K-drama. 

This will be the second K-drama of Lee Joon Hyuk for the year. The actor will also star in the upcoming Hulu original K-drama Vigilante with Nam Joo Hyuk, Yoo Ji Tae, and Kim So Jin. Lee Joon Hyuk will also join the upcoming movies The Roundup: No Way Out and Firemen

Lee Joon Hyuk made his acting debut in 2007. He is known for being part of the works I Saw the Devil, Along with the Gods 1: The Two Worlds, No Mercy, Baseball Girl, The World That They Live In, City Hall, City Hunter, The Birth of a Married Woman, A Poem a Day, Life, Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Dark Hole, and more. 


Are you excited to know more about Seo Dong Jae in the upcoming spin-off series?