by Patricia, December 5, 2018

* Spoilers ahead* Read at your own discretion*Born in China is the story of families, loved ones, deep emotions, and nature!

Dawa, a snow leopard loves her cubs! 

She lives in the wilderness, a vast rocky terrain, where she hunts, feeds her cubs and nurtures them! 

Dawa is fierce and so strong. She protects her territory for herself and her family until one day an intruder brings reinforcements, and she is forced to flee her home with her cubs into a new unfamiliar territory. She has to find a new home for her family and provide for them, even when she’s hurt and she tries and  tries to feed her cubs until the end... heartbreaking. Why couldn’t the crew interfere? Why? They were there. Why? Why? Why?  Deep inside countless sobbings ran amok.

Ya Ya, a cute giant panda is very protective of her daughter Mei Mei. 

It’s understandable, but Mei Mei like any other cub wants to explore her surroundings and climb trees, but Ya Ya doesn’t let her which doesn’t stop Mei Mei from trying. There’s a red panda on the tree. If he’s there why can’t she be there too? One day, Mei Mei succeeds in climbing the tree, a very big tree with a great view and her journey to independence begins while Ya Ya gives birth and nurtures another cub and the cycle continues. 

Giant pandas are known for living solitary lives and enjoying their days to the fullest, resting and eating tons of bamboo!

Tao Tao is cute 

Tao Tao is like an older brother. In many situations, he is jealous of his younger sister whom he perceives to be getting all the attention and is actually getting all the attention. He’s a golden snub-nosed monkey also known as a Sichuan golden hair monkey. He lives with his family in the Southwestern Chinese Forests, that is until he decides he has had enough and moves in with a group of rebel monkeys, hoping to get affection. Things don’t quite go as Tao Tao thought and eventually he goes back to his family but his dad is like – you moved out, stay out. However, one day, his sister was about to become the prey of a falcon and Tao Tao saves her. He becomes a hero and is accepted back into the welcoming arms of his family.

Chiru is also known as Tibetan antelope and has an interesting way of living. 

They mate and then the females go on peregrination to a lake where they give birth to their calves in the summer and then migrate back to the males, joining them late in the Fall. The thing is as the females leave for such a long period of time, the males forget whom they’ve had relationships with sort to speak, and the seduction game begins once again, repeated year after year after year.This documentary is really poignant and heart-warming for those that like David Attenborough’s movies. I smiled and nearly cried, and at the end I was content. China has such a rich wildlife that was wonderful to have been able to experience the stories of its species on screen.

The film was produced by Disney Nature, Chuan Films and Shanghai Media Group.

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