by Lily Alice, January 29, 2023

The buzz-worthy K-drama "Crash Course in Romance" achieved its highest rating of all time of 9.14% for its 5th episode on January 28. 

The tvN drama started the week with strong ratings. Seeing how viewership numbers are only increasing, it's only a matter of time before the rom-com will break into double-digit ratings. 

When and where to watch the K-drama "Crash Course in Romance"?

"Crash Course in Romance" will air every Saturday and Sunday starting from January 14. It will be available to watch on Netflix

The SBS K-drama "Payback: Money and Power" maintained steady viewership over its weekend episode. The show garnered an average nationwide viewership of 10.7% for its 8th episode on January 28. This is a slight decline in numbers since its previous episode when it achieved an average rating of 11.1%, which is also its highest to date. The drama's average rating for the week is 10.9%. Hopefully, it will continue to rise in viewership numbers. 

When are where to watch the K-drama "Payback: Money and Power"?

"Payback: Money and Power" airs every Friday and Saturday. It is available to watch on Prime Video.

The family drama "Three Bold Siblings" retained its spot as the most-watched  K-drama of the week by getting an average rating of 23.1% over its weekend episode. The show got a significant increase in viewership since last week's ratings when it managed to get an average viewership of 18.4% and 19.6% for its 34th and 35th episodes, respectively. 

This week's rating is the K-drama's fourth-highest rating of all time, the first being 25.0% (33rd episode). 

When and where to watch the K-drama "Three Bold Siblings"?

"Three Bold Siblings" airs every Saturday and Sunday. The drama is available to watch on Viki

The JTBC K-drama "Agency"  also stands among the gainers. The show got its best-ever rating of 9.15% for its 7th episode on January 28. Since its premiers, the show has mostly seen positive growth in viewership numbers. Hopefully, it will also achieve its double-digit ratings soon. When and where to watch the K-drama "Agency"?

The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday. The drama is currently not available to watch on OTT platforms.