by Drama_woman, January 17, 2020

Genres: Food, Romance, Drama, Medical

Chocolate takes you by surprise. I wasn't really sure what kind of story it would be, but it's quite flexible. I mean, from Neurosurgeon to Chocolatier was honestly my expectation. I was ready for sweet childhood friends and cooking and working towards dreams but time skip! What is it like to become a Chocolatier/chef never having met your inspiration again? And how is it as a Neurosurgeon that feels desperate to let it all go if only there was someone with skills and wasn't afraid to make mistakes? It draws you in...

Main leads

Lee Kang played by Yoon Kye Sang
Moon Cha Young played by Ha Ji Won
From sweetheart child to seemingly war-torn survivor, this poor character carries his pain with him. We see the direct contrast between his loving home and the horror he joins. But once you're in, no matter how much you try to find peace, will it ever be possible? Just let him be a chef! Now try to convince him too!
Initially, this character didn't stand out so much to me. I thought, honestly, why would she go through so much trouble and effort and still remain sane? How can she? Just wait until you see her brother and the new bane of her existence. I thought I was in for some sweet cooking experiences and chocolate recipes, then BAM you get some feels.

What really gets me from the beginning episodes were their expressions. You see the time skip, and you see them like this:

So it makes you really curious! What really happened? Not just to them and how they know or don't know each other that well. But what about their family, friends or even a pet? I mean, anyone can feel how heartbreaking their past must be to see the light die in their eyes. No? This is where the melo and drama tags come in. We do get to see them shine as much as they can in their situation, but also how awkward their meetings are together.

Largely, this is them now. Established in their lives and careers, still awkward about clearing up misunderstandings. Also kinda shell-shocked?
Is this not instant regret on her face? A "why must I suffer" expression? I guess you can be blind to the ones closest to you...

They may strike you as familiar! Do you recognise these actors from other dramas? I instantly saw Gil Ra Im! I've also been meaning to watch Crazy For You for such a long time!

They both breathe so much life into these characters! Speaking of breathing life, what about these two:

Lee Joon played by Jang Seung Jo
Moon Tae Hyun played by Min Jin Woong
There just keep being more reasons to keep watching! I like all of his outfits but also the struggle he's going through. Good luck!
He honestly has the best expressions and lines. Some of the things he says, I honestly can't believe how his mind works.

The brother

It's honestly too much of a spoiler to explain anything about this brother! But if you're watching the drama so far, this scene killed me! Wow, the comebacks he has! I really do wonder about that fortune-teller he consults and just what kind of grudge they have against this sister.

Also, his obsession with his social network followers and everyone's impression of him are scarily good. You can see traces of this in the people around you and can only hope it doesn't go to his extent!

Breathing back to life

Days go by, and life goes on. This phrase comes to mind when I see the main character. She always does her best and knows when to take small breathes of fresh air, chocolate and happiness. This has a contagious effect and can you see some life coming back to the male lead too? I certainly hope they can influence each other for the better! Not to be a downer, which the male lead can quickly fall into the trap of. Take care!

With the drama finishing up this week, how will it all turn out? Are you staying tuned? Have I interested you in giving this drama a go? Let me know in the comments!

What are your thoughts on this drama so far?

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