by Fumi, May 25, 2018


What I like the most in Korean dramas are... dramas about lawyers. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying watching Suits. Not only are there amazing actors but an interesting plot, too. Today I saw that not many people watched it and I want to recommend every one of you to watch this drama.

And now, let me tell you why!

1. As I said... AMAZING ACTORS

Jang Donggun and Park Hyungsik are starring as the main roles. It's the first drama with Donggun since 2012 and we can see Hyungsik again after the success of Strong Woman Do Bongsoon. Furthermore, we have legendary Jin Heekyung and Go Sunghee, talented actors only.

This drama also surprised us with an impressive guest: BewhY! And we also get to see Chae Jungahn, the Korean version of Jessica Alba.

2. The most important: Plot!

Kdramas about lawyers are fantastic. Not too long ago, we saw Ji Changwook in Suspicious Partner and Lee Jongsuk in While You Were Sleeping. Both were pretty successful.

Suits show us a different side of this kind of dramas. There's a 20-year age difference between the main actors. One of them is the ace of the law firm, the second one is the newest member of 'Kang and Ham'. The story shows how they overcome difficulties in their work as lawyers as well as their developing friendship. 

It's also pretty nice to see Hyungsik in such a fresh role! It's the first time for him to play a lawyer and I think he's doing an amazing job here! You should check it out for yourself!

3. Relationships

We've already seen half of the episodes, and we can see the relationships between Kangseok (Donggun) and Yeonwoo (Hyunsik), Kangseok and Hayeon, and Yeonwoo and Jina developing. I can't wait to see where they will go - Love, friendship, enemies?

What about the ending? I can't wait to see the next episodes, and this drama makes me look for different ones with a similar mood because WOW!

That's all for now, I hope you will try watching Suits if you have a free weekend!