by lo_ve, April 7, 2023

Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun are in discussion to star in the upcoming TV Chosun K-drama Happy End (working title).

On April 7, media outlet Star News reported that Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun will be reuniting in a new K-drama and it will be directed by Jo Soo Won, the same director of the K-dramas Today's Webtoon, Doctor John, and Pinocchio.

Happy End will revolve around a woman who had a difficult childhood and now wants to escape from her obsession and ambition after being drunk on success. 

Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun first worked together in the 2017 KBS K-drama Go Back Couple. If the two decided to work together again, this will be their reunion after six years. Back in 2017, the two won the Best Couple Award and the drama also got high ratings. Many also praised the chemistry of the two as they portray the role of a married couple. 

Happy End will premiere in the second half of 2023.

Jang Na Ra will reportedly play the role of Seo Jae Won. She is the representative of a household furniture brand. Son Ho Joon will play the role of a man who will do anything for his endless desires. 

Before Jang Na Ra works with Son Ho Jun, she will first reunite with Jang Hyuk through the upcoming K-drama Family: The Unbreakable Bond. After getting married, it seems like Jang Na Ra has decided to work again with her former male leads. 

Meanwhile, Son Ho Jun will return to the second season of The First Responders Season 2. He will be working again with Kim Rae Won, Gong Seung Yeon, Kang Gi Doong, Seo Hyun Chul, and Ji Woo.


Do you wish to see Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun in one K-drama once again?