by Lily Alice, March 27, 2023

tvN has released another teaser of Family: The Unbreakable Bond.

 The teaser commences with Kang Yoo Ra's (Jang Na Ra) brother-in-law Kwon Ji Hoon (Kim Kang Min) saying, "There is a sanctuary in our house that can never be touched", and the scene shifts to Kang Yoo Ra who is seen in a chic outfit with sunglasses. She almost misses smacking Kwon Do Hoon (Jang Hyuk) with flowers. 

In the consecutive scenes, she is portrayed as a powerful and fiery woman who does not back down in the face of any conflict. 

During a call with Do Hoon, Yoo Ra said, “I’ll give you one minute. Let go of your anger,” Kwon Do Hoon replied, “I already knelt down. I have been on my knees since before", which hints the drama has a lot in store for us in terms of Do Hoon and Yoo Ra's chemistry. 

In another scene, Kang Yoo Ra was also seen with Oh Cheon Ryun (Chae Jung An) - Do Hoon's senior at NIS - saying, "I didn't like you from the first time I saw you." 

Yoo Ra is not only a strong and powerful figure, but also a responsible woman who knows how to keep her family intact. When her daughter, Kwon Min Seo, lay down in the middle of the promenade, saying she didn't want to act her play, Yu-ra Kang said, "Yeah, don't do it," indicating she is a wise mother. 

And in the teaser, she also says, “What is true celebration! It's like everyone gathered happily together,” she says, cheering her family up.

At the end of the teaser video, Yoo Ra gives a cold look through the opening in the door, and Do Hoon Kwon, who seems surprised, amplify curiosity as to the exciting story of the eccentric family that will unfold in the upcoming K-drama. 

Check out the latest teaser.