by Lily Alice, July 9, 2024

Romance in the House, starring Ji Jin HeeKim Jee SooSon Na EunChoi Min Ho, and Yoon San Ha, dropped its first teaser. 

Romance in the House is a melodrama where the father, who was cut off by his family 11 years ago due to his multiple business venture failures, returns as the owner of their building. He tries to win back his family, who still harbor resentment towards him. 

The first teaser begins with showing Ji Jin Hee (Byun Moo Jin) ambitiously planning to open a dumpling restaurant. His wife, Geum Ae Yeon (Kim Jee Soo), looks skeptical because he has failed in every business he's touched, yet Moo Jin, ignoring her doubts, is confident in his plan. 

However, he fails in the end. Frustrated once again by Moo Jin, Ae Yeon bursts out with anger and says, "The biggest mistake of my life was meeting Byun Moo Jin."  Eventually, Moo Jin is cut off not only by his wife but also by his daughter, Byun Mi Rae (Son Na Eun). 

For 11 years since then, Geum Ae Yeon and Byun Mi Rae have rebuilt their lives and managed well without Byun Moo Jin, but a new storm is on the horizon. Moo Jin, returns with Gatsby-level wealth and becomes the new owner of the villa building where they live.

His grand comeback is expected to disrupt the peaceful lives of Geum Ae Yeon and Byun Mi Rae. There's also the burning question about how he amassed his fortune.

Byun Moo Jin returns to reclaim his place as Geum Ae Yeon's husband. To achieve this, he appears before her morning and evening and showers her with praises and gifts. But the biggest obstacle in his way is none other than his daughter, who doesn't want to let the stable life she and her mother built be destroyed again.

Romance in the House will premiere on August 10. More news about the K-drama's global OTT service is yet to come. Watch the teaser here