by OldAnimeLady, August 18, 2018

I have seen more than a few posts lately in the vein of "I didn't even know we had feeds." or "Is there a how-to [use MDL] guide on Youtube?".  I thought writing an article highlighting what you can do on the site our illustrious admins have been working so hard to make great would be good.

As for the video thing... I have been working to make one (as we are a volunteer site,) but I don't know how to do the story panel or how I want it to look, so I have been learning a lot of new software... so eventually we may get one. If you want to help with this project let me know, I am lost at the moment : )  While writing this article, I found this thread in the forums. So it will probably happen.

*This article is written from the point of view of a Laptop/Desktop user. The mobile layout is a little different, but the options are still available. 

So let's start at the beginning, what is the purpose of MDL?

MDL's Goal:’s goal is to provide Asian drama/movie fans with a site where they can create their very own drama lists, discuss dramas and movies with other like-minded people, discover new dramas/movies to watch, and make friends all while having tons of fun. -

The List

Most of us know how to add to our watched, currently watching, and plan to watch lists, correct? Especially that PTW list, which seems to grow without you doing anything.  

But Did You Know?

  1. If you hover over the Title, the details will pop up.
  2. You can add to the number of episodes watched with the plus/minus on the right.
  3. Click the edit button, and it allows you to change your status on the title, and has three options on the left.
    1. General - Share (SNS), Notes, Overall Rating and Episode Rating
    2. Advanced - Set priority, Re-watch value, # of times re-watched and start and end date 
    3. History - it shows the movements of the show between your lists (if you put it on hold, if you dropped it, etc.) when you watched an episode of that show.
  4. It will tell you how many Dramas, TV shows, Episodes and Movies for each of the categories below:
    1. Currently Watching - Just as it says.
    2. Completed - Everything you finished.
    3. On Hold - You stopped watching, but never got back to it. (I also use it for not released yet/not subbed/can't find... I want to watch it, but for some reason I cannot..
    4. Dropped - You are never going back to that junk again... ever... unless a challenge makes you lol
    5. Plan to Watch - You want to watch this, it looks interesting.
    6. Not Interested - You would walk through fire before wasting your time on this.  
  5. If you are a VIP, you can change the background, but it is only cosmetic and does not change the function of the list.

Front Page

Now, why would I not do this first? Most of us wandered in here for the above option right? After searching for a title in our search engine of preference and seeing the "Add to list" option, it made us curious. So the rest of the site is like icing on the cake, mmmm cake. So where was I... oh yeah the front page.

Features of the Front Page:

  1. Scrolling Article Banner - The latest 12 articles published on MDL - alternately, you can click on articles in the drop down under "Home".
  2. Watch Latest Episodes - These are the newest episodes loaded to DramaFever.
  3. Latest Reviews - When you review something it stays on the front page for a while until four more reviews come out. If you click on "more" you can see the reviews in order from newest to oldest. Alternatively, you can see reviews on each title page and a person's profile will list all their reviews. For an article on review writing go here. Make sure to read the comments as well.
  4. Newest Trailers - The last four trailers added to MDL database, NOT necessarily the most current titles
  5. Trending this week - What are most people watching? So you too can either jump on the bandwagon or wave and smile as they go by.
  6. Shows starting this week - Can't decide what to watch? This may offer an option.
  7. Recent Discussions on the forums. The forums will get their own section, just scroll down to that.
  8. Today's Celebrity Birthdays - Obviously, you can't post them all, there is a limited amount here.
  9. Top Airing Shows - Top rated shows currently airing.
  10. Top Upcoming Shows - This is influenced by your PTW list.
  11. Most Popular Shows - Of all time, number of people watched and rated.

Alternatively, you can reach all of these options under "Explore"  or "Home" drop down menus.


Ahh the feeds, I know I live there. There are no rules per se to the feeds, BUT here are some helpful guidelines.

  1. You can post/view only under: 
    1. Global - Everyone sees/can see all posts. Known among my friends as the "the Wilds". I live there, but I don't get offended easily, and Try to keep my posts Asian drama related. Also, I know that not everyone knows about the 2 feeds channels and new people will only be in General.
    2. Friends - Only the people who have befriended you can see what you post/you only see what your friends post.  
  2. Pretend the other person is in the room with you and provide them with the same courtesy you would a stranger standing in front of you. In the Friends feeds you can be a little bit more yourself. You can always unfriend someone if you don't like what you are seeing.
  3. Spoilers have been addressed with the new spoiler options. USE THEM! Personally, I am in the minority and could give 2 flips if you "spoil" something for me... I have been known to look for them, so I could sleep. 99.8 % of the community hates spoilers... If you don't know if it's a spoiler, use the spoiler option and let others decide.
  4. Check out cityhunter's guide to how not to be hated on the feeds.
  5. Please please please please post which drama/movie your screencaps are from or use the "link drama option".
  6. If you post something "not drama related", state as much so people can scroll by if not interested.
  7. If you post from another SNS account or Site, please cite your source (the original poster or website).

Again, these are more like GUIDELINES than rules, but it will make your feed life a much happier experience.


This section feels almost too big to handle in this article, but I will try.  As users, the only thing we ask is that before replying to a topic PLEASE pay attention to where the post has been posted. For example, do not ask for Japanese recs in a post in the S. Korean section.

The forum has 8 sections:

  1. General Forums - This is Everything You want to post not specified in the other categories, Non-Asian things etc. If you post something like "give me recommendations" expect you are going to get titles from every country out there. Not Drama related posts can go here as long as it is not deemed as spam.
  2. General Asia - This covers all of Asia. 
  3. South Korea - All posts in here will be about S.Korean topics.
  4. Japan - All posts in here will be about Japanese topics.
  5. China - All posts in here will be about Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong topics.
  6. Thailand - All posts in here will be about Thailand topics.
  7. Filipino - All posts in here will be about Filipino topics.
  8. Everything My DramaList VIP forum, Support, Suggestions. The one I want to highlight is Number 9: 
  9. Community Tasks - MDL is a Volunteer site, Every Title, Every Actor, and Every Article has been submitted by a user and you too can help. Here are some ways to help:
    1. Adding Trailers to MDL - Please follow the rules, I have done several myself.
    2. Writing Articles 
      1. Please follow the rules and submit a request first or be open to having your article denied.  
      2. Be willing to make changes... the editors DO NOT hate you, they just want to make a better article.  
      3. Articles can take up to 3 weeks from submission to publication, other people have submitted before you, please wait your turn patiently. I was a little snot when I wrote my first article, don't be like me.
    3. Adding Missing titles/Actors/staff - I have been trying to add an actor a day. It is very difficult to add duplicates with the new system so don't worry about that.
    4. Adding Tags - ever search for say "food" in the advanced search option and got no results? Or know that the title you just watched was based on a novel, but is not tagged as such? You can fix that by adding the tag.

New community tasks will be added from time to time, so check back if you are in a drama slump or just bored.  


This is your "Face on MDL"  where people go to visit you, see your feeds, articles, custom lists, etc. Your personal space for everyone to meet you. To learn how to spruce up your MDL Profile page, watch this video.

What are the things you can do on your profile page?

  1. Create Custom lists - I am essentially lazy so I create my lists to answer the question "Can someone give me a rec for (insert Genre here)?" I have recently been making lists for the following months "Ask MDL" topic so I can keep track of the titles I want to watch. You can add either a title or in the drop down select person for actors. These are your list you can do anything you want with it.
  2. Access your own personal feed or the feed of the person you are visiting - Missed a few days and want to catch up on what your friend posted without having to scroll through hundreds of posts? I sometimes use my own feed to remember what I watched that month since I always post when I start or complete something.
  3. Access all the reviews written by that person - Like the way someone reviews titles? This will allow you to see all their reviews in one location.
  4. Access all the articles published by that person - Loved that article you just read and want to see what else that person has written?  This tab will show them all.
  5. Access all the recs from that person - You can add a recommendation on any title you watch, I personally don't use this feature a lot. You can see what this person had recommended.
  6. View person's watch list 
  7. View their statistics
  8. View their friends - When you become friends with someone, you do not need to send a thank you message. I am not sure why this is bothersome, but it has echoed more than once since I have been here. On a side note, I will accept a friend request from anyone, but I warn them... I only watch J-dramas, I sometimes post about J-pop groups and very occasionally you'll get a family/cat post. If you don't want that, don't accept my friend request, I won't cry lol.

The Alert Icon and Profile Drop down in the top banner:

  1. The bell - lets you know when you get a response on your feeds posts or forums posts, it also shows when someone posts in a forum discussion you are subscribed to.
  2. Messages - A little dot will show up when you get a message. This is referred to as a PM or DM.  
  3. Friends - When you get a friend request this gets a dot, follow the link and accept or deny. You can also search your friends or find users from this screen.
  4. Profile - Takes you to your profile.
  5. Watch List - Takes you to your watch list.
  6. Settings: 
    1. Edit your profile
    2. Security & Privacy - Change password.
    3. Notifications - When do you want to be notified.
    4. Connected Apps - Set up your SNS connections.
    5. Subscriptions - This is if you decide to become a VIP (which allows watchlist background editing and no ads, plus helps us get nifty features).
    6. List Styles - A VIP option to change the background.
    7. Widgets - Widgets are a way to show off what you are currently watching on your blog, or any other website you have. 
  7. Store - buy cool stuff, support MDL.

More questions? Visit the FAQ or ask in the comments.