by Lily Alice, April 12, 2023

The historical K-drama Our Blooming Youth concluded with its best-ever rating of 4.87% for its 20th episode. The K-drama broke its 3-point rating streak with its finale episode. Throughout the series, Our Blooming Youth maintained a consistent viewership. The average viewership rating of the entire K-drama is 3.69%. 

Where to watch the K-drama Our Blooming Youth?

All the episodes of Our Blooming Youth are available to stream on Viki and Prime Video.

Meanwhile, other historical K-dramas The Secret Romantic Guesthouse and Oasis maintained steady viewership. 

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse got ratings of 3.7% and 3.8% for its 7th and 8th episodes respectively. The average viewership of the K-drama for this week is 3.75%. The drama's first episode still remains the most-watched episode with a rating of 4.4%. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will break the 3-point rating streak. 

When and where to watch the upcoming K-drama The Secret Romantic Guesthouse?

Episode 9 of The Secret Romantic Guesthouse will air on April 17 (Monday). The K-drama is available to stream on Viki

Oasis also got a steady rating this week. The drama got ratings of 6.9% and 7.1% for its 11th and 12th episodes respectively. The average nationwide viewership of the show for this week is 7%. With this, Oasis will now enter its penultimate week of airing. Hopefully, the show will end on a high note. 

When and where to watch the K-drama Oasis?

Episode 13 of the K-drama will air on April 17 (Monday). Stream Oasis on Viki and Wavve