by lo_ve, February 16, 2023

Actors who will join Lee Na Young in the upcoming K-drama Park Ha Kyung's Journey are finally confirmed.

On February 16, he official cast lineup of the upcoming wavve original K-drama  Park Ha Kyung's Journey has been officially announced. Earlier this week there were reports about HanYe Ri and Shim Eung Kyung joining the K-drama as special guests. 

It was officially confirmed today that aside from HanYe Ri and Shim Eung Kyung, Koo Kyo Hwan, Gil Hae Yeon, Park Se Wan, Park In Hwan, Seo Hyun Woo, Sunwoo Jung A, Shin Hyun Ji, and Cho Hyun Chul will also be part of the upcoming k-drama. 

Park Ha Kyung's Journey will be about a Korean language teacher Park Ha Kyung who takes a one-day trip on Saturday to eat, meet people, and discover warmth. 

Lee Na Young will be the main character of the K-drama and the other confirmed cast will be the people she will meet through her trip.

The upcoming series will be directed by Lee Jong Pil who also helmed the film Samjin Company English Class.

According to reports, the K-drama already began filming back in October last year. 

Park Ha Kyung's Journey will have a total of eight episodes with 25 minutes duration each. It will exclusively premiere through the OTT platform, wavve. It will air in the second quarter of 2023.

This will be the grand comeback of Lee Na Young after four years. She was last seen in the 2019 K-drama Romance Is a Bonus Book with Lee Jong Suk, Jung Eugene, Wi Ha Joon, Kim Tae Woo, and Kim Yoo Mi

Last year, Lee Na Young made a special appearance in the movie Seoul Ghost Stories led by Kim Do Yoon, Lee Yeol Eum, former INFINITE's Hoya, Oh My Girl's Arin, Lee Soo Min, and Jung Won Chang

Lee Na Young is known for being part of the works Did We Really Love?, Ruler of Your Own World, The Fugitive: Plan B, Beautiful Days, Woman, Man, Howling, Someone Special, and more.


Are you excited to learn about the journey of Park Ha Kyung and the people she will meet on her trip?