I was ready to kill Younian before the end of this episode. Making her wait like that was kind of cruel!

I know! He’s so cold to her!!! And he made her cry buckets! I feel bad for MiaoMiao, so I didn’t swoon much at the end of ep 28.

Hey hey hey don’t jump into conclusions!!! Remember our guy hasn’t been inlove before and he didn’t know how to deal with someone confessing to him first before him! Episode 28 was so sweet! Wait til episode 29 and you’ll understand why he acted that way towards her. 

Not arguing with you guys I just love this show way too much hahahaha

Not jumping to conclusions. Just giving an opinion that if I was Xia Miao Miao, and I confessed to someone I thought might have feelings for me too and he then all but ignored me, I would be devastated and feel like I made a huge mistake. I figured he was either 1) going to make a grand gesture or 2) was leaving and didn't want to lead her on or something like that if he wasn't going to be around for a while but still! The scene in the library just killed me, I felt so bad for her. I adore Younian, I just...think he could have handled it without making her feel so bad.

This is a classic example of the phrase ‘it pays to wait’ i actually find it cute. ????

Meh. Poor girl had been waiting for years already! ???? (Why did my emoji get changed to ???)

Waiting for yours but on ep 29 wants to keep relationship hidden. Like i am legit irritated with her and about to take a  break and watch something else.

Haven't had a chance to watch yet, hope to have time this weekend. Too many dramas! That doesn't make any sense, though. I'll probably be irritated when I get there, too, then. 

lol, you will get irritated DeeHeartsDramas. I took a beak from All I want is your love and I was close to the end. lol I will finish it eventually. I got irritated that it took so long to confess. lol Currently, watching Wait, My Youth on Netflix. I like that the female lead doesn't follow the guy she likes around. So far, I like it....but i'm sure i will get irrirated at some point lol

I loved Wait My Youth. Hope you enjoy it :)

I assume you're referring to his response to Miao Miao's confession? I too got irritated. He lost a lot of points with me. It's one thing to say you need time, but then to treat her so coldly? The suddenness of his mood change pierced her right through the heart, because based on that kind of treatment anybody in their right mind would assume they're on the road to rejection.

Yes, that's what I meant. It's one thing if he said he needed time and was still his usual friendly self, but being so cold to her seemed like a complete 180 from how he usually treats her (unless he's jealous of Kaituo, that is).