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Hi fellow PA super fans!!  Yup my FB profile got reported again and FB deactivated pending further investigation...I've supplied them with everything they asked for so hopefully after their review it will be be back [email protected] was right that this is the 2nd time this has happened...someone out there just has too much time on their hands to keep reporting my annoying!!  Anyway, in the background I'm working on completing the translations for chapters 179 and 181 currently, these are the chapters before and after their bed scene...I need to figure out where to post my summaries/translations from now on seeing as FB has become so fickle, I'll update yall soon...thanks for thinking of me!!  :)
@SueLee Thanks a lot for your kindness.  We are just eager to read the book bad sadly the translation is not complete and i heard that it has  diff.  Tranlations.  I always love reading your updates. Hopefully i can follow your page..  :)
@SueLee Thanks a lot for all your efforts, i already sent you a friend request on face, iam really happy for find your posts and updates, :)
Hi @SueLee! It's good to have you back. Hope you enjoyed your trip.
It's truly sad that someone has been giving you a hard time. I'm confident that it will end well.
What about putting up your own site?
Thanks for the support yall...per your suggestions, I've created my own blog site to post my summaries/translations from now on...please check it out and subscribe for my latest updates!!  :)