It looks like some kind soul has decided to translate the last part of the book that the drama did not get to film.

going to post this link here so it doesn't get buried in the comments! 
Since he is a really busy college student and summer is over soon, I guess we will have to wait a very long time. I just hope he can give us a little bit at a time so we can keep on our excitement.
Thank you for sharing this! He is really good at translating!!! 
I think this person is actually going to translate it in parts! so perhaps updates will be more frequent. 
I hope he doesn't stop! its so good! 
I think the translator might be a girl, judging from her profile photo LOL 
but yes this translator has very nice translations. looks like she will updating with chapters soon with the chapters broken into parts. 
they updated a new post!
thank you for letting us know. I'm counting on you now whenever there is an update:-)
new update: 

not fully translated yet??

I love C-movies and the stories of Princess Agent but i quite disappointed because I didn't see the the next episode please SomeOne help me to find the next episod after the ice clift i dont know if Yuen Yue is dead Please! Help me give me tips to find the next episode????????????????????????????????????????????