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Hi! This is my first time in the forums despite being a member for a while. I read the guidelines and searched the threads, and I couldn't find one of this topic. If I missed it, a link would be great! 

I was just wondering which of the 2 dramas are more recommendable, Legend of Hua Mulan (2013) or Mu Lan (2013)? I'm really up for a drama remake for Mulan since it's one of my favorite Disney films, but I found that there were 2 of them, and even made in the same year. I see that the Legend of Hua Mulan has a higher rating and is more popular, but Mu Lan has better reviews and less criticism. It's also a bit shorter which is more preferable for my tastes since long dramas aren't my thing. I'd really appreciate some opinions on which of these dramas you've seen, and if you've seen both, which one did you like more and why? I know of the 2009 movie as well, which I'll definitely be watching.

I watched both dramas, but sadly only Legend of Hua Mulan fully subtitled, so it  may be that I missed a lot while watching Mu Lan.

The reason why I like Hua Mulan more is because her Mulan character seemed to achieve more by herself, we had more background story...while in Mu Lan...I always had the feeling that she had no real strategic and fighting knowledge, I always thought she was riding on the coattails of the 2 men that loved her.
I also really liked the ending of Hua Mulan a lot more. Mu Lan´s ending reminds me too much of all those tragic historical dramas, that end with more tears than joy and happiness. I have enough of drama, sadness and tragedies in the real world, i want to take a break from it while watching dramas.
Hua Mulan was one of my favorite dramas last year (I didn't know it was subbed until relatively recently, but had eyed it back when it first came out.)  I had actually thought Mu Lan would be the one I'd like more, but I didn't get very far in it.
You may also like this kid's version of mulan, it's adorable
I liked the first one better. It is just more creative...anyways I just liked it more.
I have only watched the firs one (yet). but I absolutely loved it. Still, it takes very long (like almost half of the episodes, if I remember that right) to build up and has a lot of background story. After some time you ask yourself when the real story will finally begin :D ... For me, the waiting was worth it because when the actual story started to move forward, it got very interesting and it was well worth the waiting.  It also had some really great characters.
If you don't like slowly-paced stories, I wouldn't recommend watching it, but if that's ok with you, you should definitely watch it :D