Hello! I'm Marilia and I've watched over 100+ K-dramas. But I'm kinda tired of all the cliches we all know of k-drama land, and I want to start watching Chinese dramas. Where should I start? I know nothing about them LOL 

Thanks =) 

Romance/Comedy: Love O2O and Boss & Me
Historical: Battle of Changsha and Nirvana in Fire
Crime/Thriller/Romance: Love Me if You Dare
I'm not very experienced with c-dramas but I've been watching them for a while now and I like most of what I've watched so far. (Not Boss & Me, dropped it... but we all have our taste...) It seems like Chinese historical dramas often have very beautiful costumes, I like that. 

My favourites: 

Nirvana in Fire (for me it's the best drama ever from any country, it's all kinds of amazing)
Ode to Joy (wonderful, lovely drama about friendship, life, love...)
Battle of Changsha (equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking, family, war and romance)
Sound of the Desert (wonderful romance drama)

Also good:

The Disguiser (war, spies, family, romance)
Scarlet Heart (historical, romance)
Go! Goal! Fighting! (modern, school, life, a touch of romcom)
Definitely "Love o2o"!!! If you want a review, check out mines and hopefully it will encourage you to watch it. (Mini self promo but not intentional!) 
A little bit off track but still kind of connected, Taiwanese dramas are also really good! I recommend Just you (talks about finding love at workplace), Love cuisine (deals with food :P), Angel N' Devil (A bit of fantasy mixed with action) and Moon River (school/romance type) 
Hope this helps! Also I am semi new to the whole asian drama world so my choices might not be the best! Sorry if that is the case :)
I really like Boos & Me! Love O2O is great too! 
Love O2O for romance
Love Me If You dare.. thriller romance 
Battle of Changsha- Wallace Huo is reason enough to watch this. Plus it's a really good drama. 

Boss and Me- my new benchmark for romantic comedies. Guy pursues girl aggressively and the girl is cute beyond words. 

Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan- epic!!

Nirvana in fire - awesome!!

Eternal Love - rollercoaster ride of emotions. I want more!!
I'd recommend Love me if you dare. One of my favorite Asian drama ever
My all time favorite is Scarlet Heart.

then Nirvana in Fire,
Battle of Changsha,
General and i
Try : 
My sunshine 
Too late to say I love you 
Best time
My little princess 

My favorites: 
Boss & Me
Nirvana in Fire
Journey of Flower
My Sunshine
Scarlet Heart
Autumn's Concerto
Sound Of The Desert
Cruel Romance
Prince of Lan Ling
Female Prime Minister
The Imperial Doctress
In time with you it the best for me, but is a Tw drama...
To Be a Better Man is a very good Cdrama