only good fantasy drama is eternal love so far watched ice fantasy, legend of chusen, journey of flower, sword of legends. I like romance and fantasy currently watching starry night starry sea but I need happy ending is there a good one out there

The Mystic Nine 
I forgot to mention I want a drama like eternal love cause I seen it
Novoland is a fantasy drama that has a happy ending... Just watch the alternate ending (ep 29) instead of the last episode (ep 28). It's not as big budgeted as Eternal Love though and definitely not as angsty.

You should also try out Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008) (2017). It's an epic-wuxia style drama with romance and a happy ending. Which remake version is up to you, but I think the 2017 remake is only partially subbed so far, so if you need subs, go for the 2008 version.

Ashes of love was aired last year 2018  so its highly recommended from me....happy ending with lots of romance, same with TMOPB

I Will Never Let You Go is currently airing and has a lot of Romance and comedy and think it will have a  happy ending plus it has Vin Zhang 

when you like Eternal Love you'll love Ashes od Love

Prince of Lan Ling, Palace: Jade Palace Lock Heart, Legend of Fu Yao,.  I don't remmeber them having sad endings.  Scarlet Heart ending is not happy but I love that drama a lot! (These are 4 of my top 5 Historical dramas, Eternal Love is the other one).  Love 020 is not fantasy but I just watched that one and it was very pleasant to watch.

I am also loving I will never let you go but I recommend waiting  as I am sad waiting for more episodes!!

 I'm watching I'm a Pet at Dali Temple and I'm loving it.

Sry, whats TMOPB?


Sry, whats TMOPB?

10 miles of peach blossoms