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Can you suggest c-drama that i mentioned on title. I realy enjoy solid historical drama like Battle of Changsha.

zeamays Volunteer Staff
I recently started All Quiet in Beijing (aka All Quiet in Peking) and it's definitely that era. Can't comment on how good it is since I've only watched 2 episodes, but it has good reviews and I've liked what I've seen so far.
thank you i will check it out
The Disguiser and Sparrow are two very good dramas about that era. (Also, I haven't watched All Quiet in Beijing but I've heard good things about it from friends!)
China has huge history. So i am curious what the writers do about the country's history. I will check those shows out certainly.
Battle of Changsa. I loved it too....
I second the recommendation of The Disguiser. I love the Ming family.
and i still need to find time to watch Sparrow.
I am slo still trying to get all episodes of All Quiet in Beijing cause i read so many grea reiews on it. You guys know where I can watch it?
also suggest you try bridal Mask, its korean but it is about the same era. 
... also maybe Nirvana in Fire, its not in that era but for me this is the best historical drama ever. 

lastly check put this blog: http://koalasplayground.com/2017/01/09/nirvana-in-...
@Czakhareina it doesn't have to be just Mao era. I said mostly. But I really wonder about that era. Anyway i heard alot about Nirvana in Fire. Most of people say it's the best chinese drama ever. Some Chinese dramas are really joke. Like Ice Fantasy. Even 90s American fantasy dramas are better. The Lost TOmb and The Mystic Nine have terrible effects and acting and dialogue of course. But everyone says Nirvana in Fire is the best. There are a few more recommended ones like Scarlet Heart, Imperial Doctress and i know it's not historical but Love Me If You Dare. When i have time i wanna watch all of it. As well as Sparrow of course.
agree with most people, Nirvana of Fire is the best chinese drama ever, not just in the historical genre. Actually its the best show ever and probably my fave show of all time, along with Game of thrones and Breaking Bad. 
And Scsrlet Heart, love me if you dare, imperial doctress are also good. I love those dramas. But they dont compare to Nirvana in Fire. Maybe also try Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, thats my 2nd fave chinese drama. 

And hahaha ive seen Ice Fantasy, and hahaha i know what you mean. The silliness and effects are so cringeworthy. I Recently saw that drama with titled Eternal Love, and oh my goodness it was sooooo absurd. Though the funny thing is, Ive seen one absurd over the top silly chinese historical drama titled Go Princess Go that had me laugh so hard and addicted. Its not for everyone but man it was hughly entertaining for me. 

Anyway the lkst in the blog above is legit. The ones ive seen with subs are some of my fave dramas.
I will check out.

And about earlier, there are 14 episodes subbed of All Quiet in Beijing here http://newasiantv.me/watch/all-quiet-in-beijing-episode-1-engsub.2848.62153.html but the show contains 53 episodes.
All quiet in Peking is available on Netflix, subs are also on subscene, raws are on YT