So I'm pretty much looking for a drama where the guy falls in love with the female first, and does so completely.

The feeling I'm looking for is like in Eternal Love (Ten miles of peach blossom), or maybe Novoland (referring to the way Feng tianyi was so in love with her). I adore when the male lead actually shows his affection - but I don't mind a drama where he shows only hints in the beginning. Jealousy, marriage proposals etc etc = it's all welcomed here xD

I prefer historical, but I don't mind a good modern one^^

Thank yo u :)

Have you seen Chronicles of Life or Bu Bu Jingxin? I think that fits what you are looking for, both are historical dramas where the ML totally falls for the FL, while the FL lead actually likes someone else at first. 

As for a modern one, My Sunshine or Silent Separation fits. but the guy is not really showy in his affection, and he tends to be on the cold and gruff. Another drama I can think of would probably be Love Now, the ML has liked the FL for so long even though he doesnt know her name, and when they meet, he totally and solidly is swoonworthy.

And since you are more into historical, are you open to korean dramas? Cause I highly recommend The Moon That Embraces the Sun. this drama is a must watch for what you are looking for!!!

I definitely second Moon Embracing the Sun even though it’s a Korean haha. One of my favorites.

Imperial Doctress - Female lead has feelings for second male lead (the males are really almost even with each other but I still consider Wallace huo to be the main lead) and the male lead is very showy about his feelings. 

The king’s Woman - male lead has feelings for female but she is in love with her Shi xiong. Not quite lovey dovey romance wise, but eventually he female lead opens up to the male lead.

Because Of You is also decent. The main guy is definitely into the main female much sooner than she falls for him. It is a modern drama though and also the plot gets a little ridiculous, but the chemistry between the leads is really good. 

Lady & Liar (set in like 1920s shanghai so technically modern) also has the ML chasing after the female lead and she is super not into it at first. Similar to king’s woman in that she’s in love with someone else and is somewhat forced into a relationship with the male lead.

Also Siege in Fog (currently airing, which I’m also just now watching so not necessarily recommending) also has that same story line where the male lead falls for the female (but she already had feelings for someone else, but because of certain reasons ends up in a relationship with the male lead) 

descendent of the sun ,cheese in the trap,heirs 

Sound of the Desert- FL is in love with SL at first but ML falls in love with her at first sight and it's not shy about it. He's a 100% devoted too.  He's very similar to Ye Hua in his love but he's even more naughty. Check this gif

The Eternal Love- It's a web drama with 24 episodes. The ML is a prince and falls first and it's completely in love. The name is similar to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms but it's a different drama. 

1+ for Moon Embracing the Sun- He is one of the most devoted ML in dramaland. He thinks she's dead and is forced to marry the SFL but even after 8 years he doesn't touch her. He keeps being faithful to her just like Ye Hua to his Su Su. 

Historical/period dramas:

Cruel romance

Go princess go

Lady and liar

Scarlet heart

Scarlet heart ryeo

Palace : the lock heart jade

Modern dramas:

Love o2o

My Mr mermaid

School 2017

The heirs

The whirlwind girl

Boss and me

5-ji Kara 9-ji made


Goho's starry night


Khun chai puttipat

+1 for the Imperial Doctress, Sound of the Desert, and the Eternal Love, and:

  • The Princess Wei Young
  • Love O2O
  • Lost Love in Times - the ML falls first but later on time is reset and only the FL remembers the original timeline so there's a short amount of time where she loves and remembers him but he doesn't know her, although he falls again pretty quickly
  • My Huckleberry Friends - it's not historical and I found the leads a little bit frustrating, but the ML definitely falls first + falls completely
  • Princess Agents (a warning though: it takes the ML a while to fall completely and the ending is tragic)
  • General and I (I haven't finished this one yet)

✔️ Shopping King Louie 

✔️ Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 

✔️ Weightlifting Fairy Kim 

✔️ King In Love 

✔️ Shine or Go Crazy 

I'll recommend some older dramas since lots of the dramas here are also what I had in mind.

Chinese and Taiwanese dramas:

1. Huan Zhu Ge Ge/Peal Princess/My Fair Princess Seasons 1& 2. Whether it's Er Kang and Zhi Wei or 5th Prince, Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi, both male leads fall for their respective love interests first. 

I did not finish watching the 2011 remake. Can't comment on that. 

2. Ghost Husband . Not in mydramalist. Really old drama. 

3. Dreams Link 2007/Dream Behind the Curtain.. Both the Alex Fong and Zhang Jiani and Liu De Kai and Vivian Chen adaptations are good.  Dream Behind the Curtain is the older version .. I think it was made in the 90s or late 80s. It's about a girl who has an unrequited love for her sister's boyfriend and then an older man offers to marry her.. and she only falls in love with him way after they get married. 

4. The Fox's Summer. Modern drama.

5. Mars starring Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu. Modern drama.

6. Devil Beside You starring Mike He and Rainie Yang. Modern drama.

7. Summer's Desire.. Super angsty and melodramatic. New adaptation coming up starring Sophie Zhang Xueying and Qin Jun Jie.  I didn't really like the one starring Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho and Huang Xiaoming so can't remember much except that HXM's hair was weird.. and that Peter Ho was controlling... but kinda hot?

Korean dramas

1. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds/Love In the Moonlight (historical)

2. Reply 1988 (modern drama.. oh but it's set in the 80s... and early 90s but it's still not a historical drama in the conventional sense I guess.)

3. Arang and the Magistrate

Any adaptation of Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers whether it's the Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese.. the Chinese one starring Zheng Shuang was a bit draggy. And there's a new Chinese adaptation coming up starring Shen Yue. 

Also do read this Dramabeans post on dramas where the heroes fall first.


Hello, Here are my suggestions. I think all are Chinese Dramas. :)

- The Flame's Daughter: costume/fantasy

- The General & I: Costume/Historical/Wuxia (ish)

- Lost love in Times: Costume/Fantasy

- Princess Agents: Costume/Historical/Wuxia (ish)

- The Eternal Love: Costume/Historical/Fantasy/Time Travel (?) 

- The King's Woman: Historical/Costume

*Already mentioned from above:
-Scarlet Heart
- Sounds of the Desert (my favorite, you'll fall in love with Eddie Peng and start stalking him on Instagram, like.... me.. lol)

We had the same feeling too with TMOPB. I hope we find another drama like this

Just finished The Flame's Daughter and was hooked to the love story b/w the main leads.  

Also ... Queen Seondeok/Queen Seon Duk

Both Kim Yushin (Uhm Tae Woong) and Bidam (Kim Nam Gil) fall for Deokman first.

Historical Chinese drama with a guy falling completely head over heels in love with the FL long before she is even remotely interested is The King's Woman, but the main protagonist is quite possessive