I just rewatch the wonderful LB movie " A round trip to love " for those who know the film, there is really something I don' t understand in the storyline. Xia Chen' s mother is totally fine with the homosexuality of his younger son but absolutely against Lu Feng and Xia Chen relationship, can someone explain me why? It doesn' t make sense at all to me! Apart of the absurdity of the mother's position the acting was phenomenal!!!!

I'm pretty sure it's because the younger brother was hiding it from his mom at that point (she thought they were friends). Xia Chen on the other hand felt bad about his mother finding out; so he stopped his relationship with Lu Feng. However, the younger brother didn't go through that type of trauma, so he was able to hold a relationship secretly without feeling as bad as Xia Chen (though I am sure he felt bad overall). It's sad to me that they felt bad in the first place, but it's something that a lot of people go through. So yeah! While Xia Chen does date Lu Feng in secret after they meet again, he ultimately chooses his mother, (looking at it from the point before Lu Feng does what he does in the end) while his brother chose to stay in a secret relationship.