I love Chinese historical novels. I've red a few gems with unconventional female characters.
A faithful portrayal in a good drama adaptation cannot fail, usually big hits are adaptations from novels (Return of the Condor Heroes, Nirvana in fire, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, Come eat Shan Shan, Silent Separation, Love me if you dare, etc.).
I would love to see an adaptation of :
The rebirth of the malicious empress of military lineage for Shen Miao DA BOSS
Eight treasures trousseau for Hua Xi Wan ...she gives a whole new flavour to laziness lol
To be a virtuous wife for Qu Qing Ju  OMG SHE'S THE BEST!!!!!
The rebirth of an ill-fated consort for Jiang Ruan but maybe this one a little diluted because it's so bloody.

What about you? What novel would you love to see turned into a drama?

Idk if it's also a novel but I would really love it if the chinese manga 'Song of the long march' became a drama. It would be so interesting. Especially if they casted well and it was produced well.

for anyone that might want to read the manga: