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So I’d like some help. I’m trying tofind some good Cpop boy groups and soloists. I know about x nine and spexial but are  there any more groups. I’d also like some male solo artists to listen to. I only former exo members Luhan, Kris and Tao. Oh and Lay. I’d some artists that maybe didn’t come from Kpop or Jpop. Thank you so much.

What kind of music genre are you looking for? E.g. Fast upbeat songs or slow ballads? There's definitely way less Cpop groups now unlike Kpop, where boy +girl groups are everywhere.  Pre-2010, there were a good number of music groups and bands but they mostly disbanded or went inactive and there's only a few high-quality groups/bands left. Taiwan-wise, there's Mayday (band), Sodagreen, and S.H.E. (girl group on hiatus) that have decent music. From China, I only know TF Boys but they are teenagers who produce sugary pop hits that I can't take seriously LOL

There are some popular soloists such as Xu Weizhou(Timmy Xu), J J Lin & William (Weibird) then there is one more who is quite famous nowadays & I like his songs too . His name is Wang Bowen .

Idol groups as much as I know are Swin Official, Zero G, 1 Core Official & Cosmos other than X Nine & Spexial .

But you won't get variety range of idol groups in China like in K-pop .

Majority of cpop are love ballads from solo-artists, there is some variety but don't expect much. If you want to listen to Cpop from boy-groups that sound like Kpop such as EXO, then you're looking at the wrong place, just go back to Kpop and keep listening to EXO.

Otherwise, enjoy what Cpop has to offer. There's a lot of great male soloists, much more than female imo which is ironic that you're looking for male only.

Here are my recommendations, keep in mind I have particular taste. JJ Lin, William (Weibird) Wei, Hu Xia, Coke Lee, Silence Wang, these are some unique ones. JJ Lin is my favorite and also one of the biggest stars. I should also mention Jay Chou and Michael Wong, who were/are also very big in China. There's a lot more and you'll have to do your own digging around to find what you like.

The trick to finding more cpop for me was listening to them on youtube  -you will eventually get recommendations to other cpop, you can also subscribe to popular channels. This is much better strategy than going on a chinese website and hitting google translate.

Also make to search for artists using their chinese name, should be obvious why.

TFBoys, Fahrenheit (have not been active for years now despite not officially disbanded), SHE (disbanded), 5566( disbanded), Acrush, A'N'D. If you like bands there is Magic Power or MP, Mayday, LIONS, Sodagreen (Hiatus).

In terms of soloist, definitely check out Hua Chen Yu and Xiao Jing Teng and as someone else mentioned before, JJ Lin. If you don't mind older singers, Jacky Cheung is definitely someone to check out.