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Awweee. Love your artworks. I also love BTS!!!
oh my gosh I'm in love....especially with the last one!! I'd love to see more ♥
@machahope: yaaaaaas bts!
Wow amazing!!! Can't get my eyes off this.... You are really talented!
I am a BTS Fangirl too....
@ArikaWoopie - ahhh thank you so much! and yesss BTS
Wow, it is so amazing that you can do so many styles. I cannot even draw a stick person right...

Anyway, I love your work. ❤️ Love to see what else you have drawn
Omg, I didn't see this! @BlxxdyButterfly thank you so much! Aha, I haven't been very active art-wise but it's all on my instagram and deviantart :P
its so nice, so freakin talented ^_^ 
and im here watching kdramas/shows all day, n other than that im a major homebody that loves sleeping XD

wow, you are really talented) 

@KmjSsk ahhhh lmao I relate though omg! other than drawing I just watch variety/music shows.... *unproductive otherwise* lolol

@Simon thank you so much! <3