I don't get it! Why would the facilitator say "tick tock, little sistaaaaaa" (exactly like that) as if he's counting down Sa Yeon's demise, as she's running into the burning restaurant but then at the end (so funny btw) goes charging in to save her? WAS HE TRYING TO KILL HER OR NOT?
What i gathered was that he planned the fire with Claire in order to get the girl into an emergency, and then Claire would bring Joon, and he would save the leading girl, then boom *moment* and they would finally have their first true love's kiss, and then the dramaworld balance would finally be restored.

However, when Claire and Joon arrived, Claire said "this was not supposed to happen". Although, it was probably to seem like she was as shocked as Joon.
Am i making any sense? XD 10 minutes are seriously not enough for this, to explain everything properly. The episodes should have been a little longer.
You are making sense...
Yes, he planned the fire but then he went back and was pouring gasoline all over the place? Wtf? And I swear he wants to kill Claire? He was giving the signal from the steps to the archer, to shoot her!! So it's like he wants both Claire and Se Yeon dead - but when Claire didn't die, he went in saved Sa Yeon? Ten minutes is sooooo short. I thought we would get 20mins min. But I was laughing like a mongoose through ep 5.

Let's say it together...
"OH, COME ON!!!!!" XD
Well, considering (spoiler ahead-for people who haven't watched it yet) he is the the main evil of the show, i guess he has ulterior motives and a secret agenda that will be explained eventually and his actions will hopefully make sense.

His actios are indeed confusing, i mean he does help the leads have moments together, like a normal facilitator, but he targets Claire, he doesn't want her there. Also is he on Gain's side in the end? Does he, or does he not wat to help the leads be together and dramaworld to survive? I believe in episode 7 Clair will figure it out and save dramaworld.

The story here is way more complex than i expected originally which is a pleasant surprise and frankly it could have worked as a normal 1 hour drama i think.
I was confused about SETH as well, I felt ending of Ep.6 kinda of confirmed this, when he went to go pick up Joon from the hospital, it's like he also knew and was happy that Joon was closing down the restaurant. The story is actually getting interesting, since I never suspected Seth to be the bad guy :D