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I don't care if this mini drama is just a glorified commercial for Lottie Duty Free, so far it's really cute. Lucky girl to choose her first kiss from those seven guys...wonder what the outcome will be? Lee Joon Gi...Park Hae Jin...Ji Chang Wook...Lee Jong Suk...tough choice, but I think if I were that girl, I'd have locked lips with Joon Gi in a heartbeat, no hesitation. Yes I'm fangirling, but at times there is something almost ethereally beautiful about that man. Not sure he's really human.

I'm with you on this one too! Out of all the guys, Lee Joon Gi is my pick ❤❤❤ that guy is down to earth and so lovable not to mention talented!
If only the episodes could be a little longer *-*
dang i gotta go with chang wook