The title says it all~ lol
First person will give a situation that starts with "What if..." and the second person will reply with a gif of his/her reaction to the situation given by the first person~ the second person will also give another situation for the next person~ that's how it rolls! :D

If you don't know what "gif" is............ google it. loljk xD
you can get gifs from google or other sites of your choice :3

I'm going to start! I think this is going to be fun.. ^^

What if you stepped on a worm?

reply with your gif reaction now~!!
Haha, sound like fun... :p Awesome idea. 3


What if you see a bear on your backyard?
Haha! thank you~ ^^ I hope other MDLer's join too TvT


What if your favorite actor came to your house?

What if you won a trip to Korea?

What if your bestfriend is bashing your favorite actor/actress/singer?
This seems like it can be pretty funny :p


What if you won tickets to a concert for a group you don't like?

What if you're really hungry and someone is eating in front of you without sharing?

What if you won a million dollars?

what if korea stopped making dramas?

what if you get a blackout while watching the last episode of a favourite drama?
Can't decide:

What if the drama you loved so far ends bad, really really bad?
I'm so glad you guys joined this game/thread :D


What if your whole family decided to watch drama with you and brought popcorns? :3

What if a giant dinosaur swooped in and stole your bananas?

What if your favorite actor kisses you?
Reaction: :">

What if your friend told you a very very lame joke.