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Just check the user above you profile and name the dramas, movies or actors from the favorite section you share in common :)

Orange Days and Kimura Takuya :3
Baby & I
Birth of a Beauty

I don't have a lot of choice since your favorites lists aren't complete. So from your top drama list I'll say The Master Sun
We have 2 favorite dramas in common: Queen In Hyun's Man and Tatta Hittsu no Koi :)
JUNG WOO SUNG !!!!!! ❤❤Super in love ^^
And Mars ! 
Drama: Queen In Hyun's Man
Actor: Song Joong Ki ♥
Lee Min Ho from fav actors ^^
1 Litre of tears, Koizora and favorite actor Lee Min Ho ^^
Oguri Shun and Matsumoto Jun from favourite actors :D
Orange Days is not on my top 5 but its one of my favorite J-dramas :)
Rurouni Kenshin, tho it's the second installment that is on my top 5 list.
(I used to have Confessions and Kimi ni Todoke on my list, too! I still loved them but I changed the top list. Also 1 Litre of Tears. :))