So I just saw one of TheAnimeMan's new videos where he described some animes is just 4 words, so I thought it would be fun to do it with dramas as well!

So how it works: 

I'm starting to name one drama and the user after me describes it in 4 words and names another drama and so it continues!

First drama:

You, who came from the stars

Funny, sci-fi-ish, amazing, good cast

Kill me, heal me
Intense, Disorders, Personalities, Heartwarming

Liar Game (Korean)
intriguing, complicated, interesting, entertaining

the master's sun♡
Scary, Funny, Unique, Exciting


Heartless City
Dark, gritty, action, twists

White Christmas
a intense mystery drama

reply 1988
Hyeri proved good acting (wow my english haha)

Playful Kiss
cute, playful (lmao), romantic, funny

Moorim School
boring, weird, droppable, slow

Thriller, Vigilante, Conspiracy, Action

Lucky Romance
JE SUHO, games, superstition, cuteness

I Hear Your Voice
Boy loves the noona

Dream High
cheesiness, JYP, music, irritation

Mirror of the Witch