Love in the Moonlight and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Coffee prince!! 
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and Reply 1988!! 
Marriage, Not Dating, Healer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please give Goblin, Romantic Doctor, You Who Came from the Stars, and The Girl Who Sees Scents another chance. :)
@MarjieJoseJavier : Clear! Keep em dropped, girl! Especially Legend of the Blue Sea
City hunter, ur rating for it is quite high why drop?
marriage, not dating
dong yi
Whirldwind Girl has a time jump in the middle which changes things a lot and for the better i think, maybe you want to give it another shot.
W! It is entertaining!
Bokura no Yuuki, it is one of my favourites! And it gets more interesting as you go along :)
Scarlet Heart Chinese Version they all are dropped in my list...I tried to watch it over,but failed miserably xD