Angry Mom, Ho Goo's Love, Oh My Ghost,...........Very good human comedies!!!

but above all you do not miss Signal!!
@ kar thanks but I don't know why Signal seems like Gap Dong to me, but I will give it a try again 

You should continue Mask!
Cheese in the Trap is very good actually, if you didn't like drama maybe you can give a chance to webtoon. 
Oh My Ghost is boring at first but it will get better and funnier!
@Naxald unless it is just not your thing, I strongly recommend picking up 1 litre of tears again. healer is also a great drama from your on-hold list, but I always tell people it might take 4 - 5 episodes to get hooked since that's about how long it took me to understand the hype. great script & characters, imo.

Mask - The love story is the main thing to look forward in this drama.
Signal - This one I strongly recommend to continue watching it, because the story gets better as the episodes continue and the suspense also gets better and above all the story of the profiler's brother is heartbreaking.
Fated to love you - Though it looses strength towards the last couple of episodes the rest of it it's pretty lovely
Itazurana kiss - It's a pretty cute drama, light hearted and is not something to take to seriously.
Another Miss Oh can be boring at first, and you can have probls with the male lead. But it'll get better, it's mixed perfeclty the melodrama and comedy kind. But the thing that got me really hooked was Seo Hyun Jin amazing performance, she's daebak.

Boys Over Flowers - Omo! My first drama ever! It has a great storyline and cast. Chaebols, flower boys, poor girl, love triangle, school setting and just the right touch of jealousy to make the butterflies flutter. 

you should definitely watch 49 Days from your on-hold list. Its a drama worth watching!

and Castaway On The Moon was hilarious to me. It was fun. You should give a try again.
Hana Yori Dango - its a jdrama classic and worth your time, this season will do
Lovely Complex - ohhh... one of the best rom-com jmovie ever, please watch :)
Kar-  Shopping king louis
@PriRiRin, Hello!

Based on your dropped list these are the dramas that I think you should give a second chance. I watched all of them and I personally love them, but there may be some down points but overall I think it was great.

Arang and the Magistrate
Hotel King
Amazing Boyfriend
You Who Came From The Stars
I hate Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Dropped at episode 10 or 11, as I heard it'll have tragic ending, I dropped to watch to avoid disappointment. Let me just hold on to nice memories when Wang So and Hae Soo fell in love. Second chance? eotteohge?
Omg same! @OlzDive. I love the drama but I didn't watch the ending so that it would lessen the heartbreak from my heart even though I already know what will happen. Hahaha!
Adolescence Medley and Marriage, Not Dating, funny dramas!!! 

but above all do not drop Healer!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!