Love in the Moonlight

strong woman do bong soon

Oh My Venus

(also Reply 1988)


Oh My Venus

(also Reply 1988)

i just need to find time to watch all the 90 minutes episodes sjsksjsk


Mr. Sunshine + Reply 1988

no dramas on your dropped list

temperature of love

Nothing on your list deserves saving (from what I've seen) 

Message to the one that will go through my dropped list, I won't take up Love in the Moonlight again, it was terrible. 

Okay so I'm  gonna tell you something and you're probably gonna thing I'm absolutely crazy but... Skip beat is a really good drama. The first episode is the WORST and I mean its so bad that it makes you not want to watch it but the second episode is really funny and the third is too, it just keeps getting better. PS. She doesn't keep that gross hairstyle lol maybe that'll make you want to watch it.