Hana yori dango!!

Sutekina sen taxi , different story in every episode it was fun to watch

and Extraordinary you, it's an ongoing drama but so far soo good.

My mister the best drama forever ♥

Mother so awesome 

Queen seon duk best ebic drama

Moon lovers an amazing and sad journey to the past , and IU doing so well

Six flying dragons have an awesome actor forever 

You don't have a To Watch list but based on your stats I would recommend Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Age of Youth

You have so many that I loved but Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat is the one you really need to start

Beauty Inside (movie)

Man from Nowhere 


It's Okay, That's Love - there's just something about this drama that I just absolutely loved it (I watched it, without skipping/forwarding twice now and considering a third time lol)

When We Were Young (2018) - It was a really good drama, made me laugh and cry!

My Sunshine - I loved their university days lol

Well Intended Love - very easy and sweet watch!

Circle -   It has a nice suspensful plot. 

A Werewolf Boy - This one will really pull on your heartstrings. It is a beautiful, heartwarming movie.

It's Okay To Be Sensitive

Jealousy Incarnate

When a snail falls in love  - The title may sound cheesy but the drama is damn good. Both the male and female leads are very smart and no less than the other. The cherry on the top is HottieMcHottie, Wang Kai!!

Defendant - It will keep you on your toes!

Prison Playbook

Jealousy Incarnate

3-Iron its such an unusual love story so highly recommend that one

Ikebukuro West Gate Park- amazingballs

Hua Jai Sila 

SKY Castle

The Last Empress 

Go Back Couple highly recommended

Another Miss Oh original leads

Avengers Social Club no romance but strong friendship. It's a warm drama that makes you happy

Save Me and My Mister, two masterpieces in my opinion