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I'm addicted to giving dramas recommendations. Weird, right? But I'm sure I'm not the only one checking the Recommendation Section many times a day just to do that. Why? Because it feels like a treasure hunt. And so I came up with this game...

1°) You have to find a drama / movie meeting the 3 conditions (which can be either Genre, Theme / Trope, Country, Year) the person above asked you.
2°) If you can't answer the person above, you get a penalty and can only ask for 2 conditions.
3°) If the person above has a penalty but forget about it (or give a wrong answer) and still ask for 3 conditions, then you only have to meet 2 out of his/her 3 conditions.
NB : This is not real recommendations, just a treasure hunt. So you don't have to check the person above list to make sure he/she didn't watch the drama yet.

A : Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Looking for 2013 / gender-bender / Korea

B : N/A
Looking for Crime / Romance

C : When A Snail Falls in Love
Looking for Crime / Fantasy / Hidden identity

D : N/A
Looking for 2002 / Historical / Revenge

E : Iljimae (Choosen penalty : 2002)
Looking for...

I'll start.
Looking for Secret identity / Period drama / 2015
the disguiser

looking for detective / female lead / japan 

looking for fantasy/historical/korea
Love In The Moonlight
Looking for romantic-comedy/ jerk male lead/ Taiwan
*(Not Just You)
Fabulous Boys
Looking for Fantasy / Japan / School
(I knew it! XD)
Yamada kun to 7 nin no majo

Looking for food/ love-hate relationship/ Korea
@nastou19 is it okay to answer with a drama which is already in the completed list of the person above you? Do I get a penalty for that? :)
It's okay, don't worry. That's why I made this game, it's not real recommendations. Just a treasure hunt ^^ I'll precise it in the rules.

Drama / 90's / J-drama
@nastou19 Aww thanks! Nice game btw :)
@Anniee Thank you.


Glass Mask
Looking for: Thaïland / Revenge / 2016
nai leh saneha

looking for chinese / historical / revenge
Nirvana in Fire

Looking for: Korea / Crime / Comedy
you're all surrounded 

looking for psychological / mystery / 2014
Bad Guys

Looking for: gender-bender / music / Japan