False haha Never have I ever made someone else's homework
Ummm... I have but, it was accidental so... never have I ever cut my hair myself
false haha, but my mommy doesn't know that! Never have I ever made someone cry on purpose
False! I always want little kid to cry don't know why! ahhaha :)) Never have a relationship with someone?
False ^^' Never have I ever cheated on a test
True! but trust me boy have i wanted too! never have i broken my arm
Hahaha, you're just like me! True Never have I ever hurt an animal :)
False, i did not mean too but my dogs are so small... you put your foot down and there they are squealing like a pig never have i thrown a book
False - one of my dogs is a chihuahua, so I trip on her a lot TT-TT but I say sorry Never have I ever eaten someone else's food in the fridge
True - but I've slammed them shut (: Never have I ever lied about eating someone else's food in the fridge
True- i just never got caught. :) never have i ever stayed up the entire night watching a drama or reading a book and was surprised when i saw the sunrise.
haha false!! Never have I ever read a book outside
False - I do it all the time (: especially in the spring! Never have I ever slept in my normal clothes
False ghehe, I can be very lazy sometimes !! Never have I eaten a whole cake by myself
True - but I could probably eat a whole strawberry cheesecake by myself, I just never tried it before XD Never have I ever pretended I was busy so I wouldn't have to hang out with someon