erm....false Never have i ever done hand pillow to a puppy
what is that? never have i ever drank a full cup of coffee.
false never have i ever eaten horse
hmm, well there has been news of horse meat in burgers- and the burgers at school taste a little iffy... let's hope for TRUE never have I ever shot something (you know..with a gun)
Ture Never have I ever been married
true never have i ever played on a PS3
True. I'm not much of a video game person Never have I ever remedied a hangover by drinking more alcohol
never have i ever have a cellphone
False, I have a cellphone. Never have I ever had a major crush on a Japanese actor/ actress.
true .i can't understand this game
false- i understand it perfectly well.. never have i ever eaten meat any less cooked than well done- erggh, bleeding meat :/
i can't find my threat or your last threat only when i go to go advenced what i should to do
True. Anything that's still bleeding is gross :X Never have I ever travelled by ship.
True, although I'd love to go on a cruise one day Never have I ever eaten rabbit
false never have i ever had sex