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this 'game' is for those who like music and like to discover new music everyday. 

the rule is really simple, someone put a song (kpop ; jpop ; cpop ; ost/op/ed etc..) and the next person tell if they turn up OR stop the music and then it's their turn to put a song. 

basically, if you like the song you say 'turn up' and if you don't like you say 'stop'. 

Good game :) It will be fun to discover new music :D

Turn up for your song :)

Yea ! Great game ♥
Turn up for Amber of course ~

Discovered in "Hormones, The Series" 
Turn up - I love this song ♥

Turn up I love it :D (Edit : That was about 4Men, sorry but Red Velvet is a stop...)
Turn up~ Let's go All Day!