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Drink wine while I watch a drama 

Me too

I'm the type that is watching too many airing dramas for the amount of time I have

it makes the show soo much better when you wait but then again ...... its conveniently just sitting there waiting to be watched

Me too. I occasionally watch them in the morning, but nighttime is my usual preference. (What the?? Is the forum bugged because I'm positive there was a set of different comments last night. Now they've all disappeared.)

I'm the type of person who sets their alarm to wake up at an odd time. For example, setting the alarm to ring at 8:27.

Not me.

I'm the type to not post to this thread. (Ooops)

Not me. I need my sleep!

I am the type that is not too much into movies, but that keeps watching dramas and series.

Me too, no matter how much I complain that dramas get draggy or they could have ended earlier, a movie is way to short.

I am the type to end my day with dramas

Me too

I'm the type that isn't that into romcoms

kinda... depends on the drama. xD

I'm the type to rewatch parts of a really good episode

ive only done that for a few great dramas. 

im the type to get mad when my idol flaws are discussed

Not me

I'm the type that likes binge watching a drama

Of course, that's me too! :D

I'm the type that will watch lots of other work by an actor right after being impressed by them in a drama

me too ;-)

I'm the type to check a drama's viewership ratings every once in a while

Me too.

I'm the type to go looking for all the 'clusters' when I first open a box of Crunchy Nut Clusters. After one or two bowls, all I have left in the box are bran flakes. They really should start selling the clusters separately for those of us who need extra clusters:)