Ok so you are trying to survive a zombie attack! Your weapon is the object behind you. But it wont be fun if you survive by your own, right? Therefore, you have got to pick an actor/ actress from the previous comment's recently added drama.


Let me start! 

Weapon: Teady bear 

Partner: Woo Do Hwan, Mad Dog

Weapon:  Saitama's punch (It's a pillow)

Partner: I'll be taking Woo Do Hwan too ;)

Weapon: pillow

Partner: Park Bo Gum <3

Weapon: my violin (rip xD)

Partner: Yoon Hyun Min

Weapon: blanket

Partner: Kim Seul Gi

Weapon:Puppet Angel yes I own one

Partner Shirota Yu

Weapon: portable heater

Partner: Nakama Yukie

Weapon: Blanket

Partner: Jung Hae In

Weapon: lamp

Partner: Seo In Guk

Weapon: pillow

Partner: Woo Do Hwan (Mad Dog)

Weapon: coat hanger

Partner: Ma Dong Seok

Weapon: my biology textbook (it's pretty heavy)

Partner: Jung Ryeo Won (prosecutor Ma in Witch's Court)

Weapon: my cello (if you take out the end pin, it is pretty sharp ????)

Partner: Ji Soo

My Fan lmao 

Partner: Kim so Hyun from: You Who Came from the Stars