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So I've seen this in one forum I've been in the past and I decided to share as it will encourage one's creativity while having fun. 1st person makes the wish, 2nd person fulfills it but it's slightly corrupted. The 3rd person makes another wish, the fourth person fulfills it but corrupts it and so on.. Example: Ms. A - I wish I can marathon dramas for 7 days without interruption. Ms. B- Granted. But on the 8th day., you can't see anymore., you've become blind.. :P Let's start: I wish I can time travel :)
You can, but only by ten seconds at a time.

I wish I had a pet lizard.
Granted but it ran away the moment I handed it on you. :) I wish for rain in here., It's so hot.
Granted, it will rain in your house. I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow.
Fulfilled., only you'll be marked absent and miss the exam tomorrow. I wish all dramas have happy endings
Granted, you'll never watch more dramas I wish I could sleep some more, without getting late to work.
Granted. But when you wake up, you're fired from your work. I wish a year of non-stop holidays.
Granted. But, non-stop holidays mean no work. No work means no earning of money. No money means the inability to pay for anything ... Boohoo. It's time to live in a hole. I wish I could write quicker.
Granted. But when you wake up, you have 4 hands! Now you can write quicker. LOL I wish to eat chocolate sundae now.
Granted. But the first day of the next year, you go to jail for lifetime. I wish for a 1 TB ram.
LOL. What a grave effect just from a sundae. Granted. But you cannot use it ever. I wish world peace.
Granted. But you won't be crowned Miss World, you are the 2nd runner up! :D I wish I was the girl who came in through the bathroom window in Beatles studio.
Granted. But soon after you came through, you fell on the floor and badly hurt yourself so you need to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. I wish my mom would gave me an unlimited line for credit card and let me go for a carribean cruise with Jung il woo. LOL. :D
Granted but pirates will kidnap Jung il Woo on the last day! So enjoy the rest of the time teehee. I wish for world domination muahaha.
Granted. But then Mayan Legend of ending the world become true and everything ends at 12.12.12 I wish for extensive cloning of Toma Ikuta!