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I don't know if someone already done this game before but this is 100% my idea and i'm not copying others.Ok!this game is simple.The person above will ask anything and the person below will say I will or I won't.Then,he/she have to ask other thing to the next person.Example :- 1st person : Hug Lee Min Ho 2nd person : I will Kick Nishikido Ryo 3rd person : I won't Kiss Lee Hong Ki And so on~~~ Rule of this game : NO SEXUAL WORD except kiss and hug(NO LICK,SLEEP,TOUCHING AND OTHER) understand? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Then,i will start first! Slap No Min Woo
I won't Eat with Yamada Ryosuke
I will. Watch a eatyourkimchi video.
Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why not, if it's TV and I'm bored, I might! Stalk Matsujun!
Hmm... sure, why not? Kidnap Joo Won (:P)
hmmmm....maybe ...yea possibly......but...nah ..i wouldn't put him through something like that :O Kiss Donghae
I won't if its Joo Won :P Did a secret camera to Lee Hong Ki :))
I won't Direct your own awesome drama (if you had the chance)
No one answered the 'Kiss Donghae' one so I will say that I will. :D And I would also direct a drama if I could. Let FT Island write and sing a song for you.
I WILL!!! if they are willing tho knit a scarf for yoon shi yoon ps! i like your game :D
I.. won't ? not into him and knit a scarf seems... kinda hard ? Go on WGM-thing with Jang Geun Seuk
Yes! Fix the actors in MDL.
Fix the actor?i don't understand,mianhae! punch Suzy's pretty face
xXhaninXx wrote: Fix the actor?i don't understand,mianhae!

All the actors has disappears last night because of a but or something, but are back now.

I won't.

Urrm, go to sleep at a reasonable time instead of staying up watching dramas for most of the night.
I won't because i think sleeping early just wasting my time.I rather staying up late :) Buy a ticket for V.I.P seat at Psy(Gangnam Style) concert