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If you wander around the public or friends feed you may have noticed that sometimes games are on, I will try to collect all feeds games in this topic, so any users who may want to join the feed games can use this database as a reference.  I will create one post for each game. If you want to help send me a PM with any games feed details you may have or recall.  Thank you.

If you want to take one of this games and replicate it in the games forum you can do it, just remember to give credits to the original users who inveted it.

We also have a few challenges that reset every year, here all the links for this year 2019: 


KELLY & NAT'S SCREENSHOT SCAVENGER HUNT by @Kellyflower72  and @Naksken

Find a screenshot that show the Following things: 
1. Drinks left untouched on table 
2. Post it note with writing  
3. Falling off cliff or building and being held by their wrist 
4. Sitting at a bus stop 
5. Instant coffee pack 
6. A fountain 
7. A hideous jacket 
8. News on a TV  
9. Pushing grocery buggy/cart 
10. Facial mask 
11. Getting massage 
12. Holding a sword 
13. Reading a book 
14. Couple sharing umbrella 
15. Couple riding a horse 
16. Funeral fight/argument 
17. Character trying on shoes 
18. Wrist grab 
19. Eating ice cream 
20. Pouring Tea 
21. Hiding object under a rock 
22. Piggy back ride 
23. Back hug  
24. Dead fish kiss/ open eyed kiss  
25. Slap 
26. Delivery man on scooter 
27. Male character brooding in shower 
28. Hanging laundry 
29. Wearing funny (headband) ears 
30. Holding a book (not the same as reading) 
31. Phone ringing 
32. Main/support character on swing 
33. Family picture  
34. Karaoke 
35. Hospital bedside hand holding 
36. One sided hug (not back hug) 
37. Fever 
38. Fist Clench 
39. Time jump (...three years later) 
40. Asleep on someone’s shoulder (not same as bus nap) 
41. Standing in rain (no umbrella) 
42. Ridiculous hair cut  
43. Riding a bus 
44. Product placement 
45. Royal seal being stamped 
46. Deliberately cutting palm of hand 
47. Playing Baduk 
48. Giving a Band-Aid 
49. Gifting shoes or tying another's shoelaces 
50. Gifting a necklace by dangling it from their hand in a "surprise!" kinda way 
51. Brushing hair off a character's face while they're sleeping 
52. Buying food at a street market 
53. Eating fishcake or ddeobokki  
54. Roof top conversation 
55. Ugly sweater 
56. Candles burning 
57. Checking bank statement/money in bank 
58. Cherry blossoms 
59. Bad cgi 
60. Scene in parking garage 
61. Male character with scarf 
62. Couple rings 
63. Lead mumbling “do you want to die?” 
64. Being caught from a fall 
65. Female passing out 
66. Hand touching 
67. Kowtowing ( formal bow) 
68. Stuffed animal on bed 
69. Talisman 
70. Gifting a hairpin  
71. Appealing to the king (dressed in white outside the palace)  
72. Silver turning black from poison 
73. Sacks of rice/food 
74. Painting a picture 
75. Discovering a hidden door/passage 
76. Outside barefoot 
77. Attending a sporting event 
78. Attending or giving a press conference 
79. Wearing apron 
80. Watering plant 
81. Petting cat/dog 
82. Talking in stairwell 
83. Male wearing fancy pin 
84. First snow falling  
85. Male crying in shower 
86. Using flip phone 
87. Ghost/spirit 
88. More than one candle being blown out by “wind” 
89. Cutting own hair 
90. Taking photos 
91. Historical wedding robes hanging on a stand 
92. Watching CCTV footage 
93. Mentioning the word “destiny” 
94. Male in white pants 
95. Pondering life while lying on the grass 
96. Watching fireworks/using sparklers 
97. Character touching their own lips 
98. Tissue stuck to character's face 
99. Shoulder nap on bus 
100. Villain outfit (black cap, black hoodie, black face mask) 
101. Korean show on TV 
102. Riding a bike 
103. Yelling “yah” to get a horse to run 
104. Car accident 
105. Shaking accident victim instead of calling an ambulance 
106. Vehicle of Doom 
107. Drowning 
108. Straightening/tidying shoes/slippers in doorway 
109. Surgery scene 
110. Court scene 
111. Pulling another character's hair 
112. Students in a classroom 
113. Making Kimchi 
114. Pervert groping someone on a train 
115. Stalker taking photos 
116. Falling into accidental kiss 
117. Trapped in an elevator or under rubble 
118. Being saved before vehicle of doom hits 
119. Locked in a room (screenshot lead banging on door)

Original post (visible only to Kelly and Nat's friends): 

FEEDS AWARDS BEST OF 2018 -> BY @OldAnimeLady

Show must have started between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018


1 .Best Doctor of 2018
2 .Best Lawyer of 2018
3 .Best Detective of 2018
4 .Best Villain of 2018
5 .Best comic/cartoon(so webtoon, manhwa etc) to Live action of 2018 (whatever your country's equivalent)
6. Best Opening song
7. Best ending song
8. Best mood song (usually in the middle of a drama and maybe a characters "theme" song) Example: River from MG18
9. Male Character (does not have to be lead but he did have to steal the show)
10. Female Character (does not have to be lead but she did have to steal the show)
11. Best couple of 2018
12. Worst Couple of 2018
13. Best Bromance
14. Best Sismance
15. Best Food
16. Best Frenemies
17. Best kid character
18. Best Kiss of 2018

Original post:


1- worst drama
2- worst ending (how the story was wrapped up)
3- best ending (same as above)
4- worst male lead
5- worst female lead
6- worst 2nd lead
7- worst character (any character you just wanted to punch)
8- worst sls (he should've gotten the girl)

I'll add these (and the pretty exo picture) to end it on a positive note ;P
9- best variety show
10- best movie 

Original post:

15 Day random drama question challenge - by @Minarii

Original post: https://mydramalist.com/profile/taechan/feeds/YxD2vH4

  • Day 1: who is your favourite female character and why? and do you prefer mature and restrained female leads or cute and goofy ones? 
  • Day 2: is there a drama that changed something in you? (like habit, way of thinking etc)
  • Day 3: Is there a drama that everyone else seems to like, but you couldn't get into it and why?
  • Day 4: Do you prefer watching old dramas or newer ones and why?
  • Day 5: What dramas are you currently watching and what's your opinion about them so far?
  • Day 6: What's your favourite drama couple and what do you like the most about them?
  • Day 7: What is your favorite genre and do you have a genre that you avoid?
  • Day 8: What upcoming dramas are you looking forward to watching?
  • Day 9: Who is your favorite villain character and why?
  • Day 10: Is there a drama that you started watching with super low expectations but in the end it became one of your favorites?
  • Day 11: Which actors/actresses would you like to see in a drama together?
  • Day 12: Who is the character you detest/hate the most and why?
  • Day 13: which is the most realistic drama you've ever seen and do you like drama that are close to reality?
  • Day 14: which is the drama that affected you so much that you couldn't get over it for a long time?
  • Day 15: What is your all-time favourite drama and why would you recommend it?

Poia's screenshot scavenger hunt 

 Find the things on the list, some points give you full freedom, just stick to the topic and be creative xD  

  1. Main leads lost last public transport (bus, train, ferry etc..) 

  2. Policeman running on street after a criminal  

  3. Corruption --> giving present with "hidden" money inside it  

  4. Ask a driver to follow another taxi/car 

  5. Blackmail--> Open an envelope with compromising documents or photos inside 

  6. ML buying dresses and stuff for FL 

  7. Working at a part time job (any kind) 

  8. A screenshot about a parody of another drama  

  9. Character who carries many bags in both arms (shopping, groceries, work commissions, ect..) 

  10. Kiss on the forhead 

  11. Kiss on the cheek 

  12. Fake kiss (strange camera angle, thumb covers mouth etc..) 

  13. Drinking or eating at those street tent bar  

  14. Trip into something or someone while running after someone on the street (car, scooter, cart, people ect.. ) 

  15. Homeless pushing cart of cardboard or junk 

  16. Any kind of pets (cats, dogs, ect) 

  17. Pervert harrassing girls in public place or public transport  

  18. Wearing white towel on head like sauna style  

  19. Character with bad curly hair 

  20. Clash with MA DONG SEOK and survive (any kind of screenshot about him fighting is enough lol) page profile --> Ma Dong Seok

  21. Man Six packs / chest -->  water must be involved, be creative 

  22. Man Six packs / chest -->  a bed must be involved  

  23. Man Six packs / chest -->  sweaty, sport or training must be involved 

  24. Man Six packs / chest -->  put on or take off any kind of shirt 

  25. One night stand (any kind of screenshoot about it, pretend to sleep, walk of shame, etc..) 

  26. King or Prince taking a bath  

  27. A beautiful scenary (nature or city)  

  28. Love triangle -->  Man kissing girl just to get back at the other man who is watching (more than one screenshot to show this dynamic is allow) 

  29. Character that watch/spy from a distance other character (stalking also apply) 

  30. Couple caught kissing by other members of the cast  

  31. Prepare or bring lunch sack for another character 

  32. Sauna -->  pervert or thief try to harrass a character in the sauna 

  33. Sauna -->  buy/eating eggs  

  34. Character say: "how dare you" 

  35. Any scene that has to do with the fact that the firstborn is considered very important in the Korean culture family (the subs also apply example: first born complain about the pressure of being first born, other sibling complain about how first born is treat, ect...) 

  36. Parents opposing their children love relationship (any screenshot that has to do with the subject, kneeling children who ask permission, etc..) 

  37. Stamp a contract --> any kind of screenshot about a scene that involved that red stamp they use to mark contract or finger stamp.  

  38. Checking out new house for renting or buying.  

  39. Bread --> any kind of screenshot about bread, eating, baking, bakery, ect...  

  40. Product placement --> wearing same outfits (couple wearing same stuff also apply) 

  41. Product placement --> the fridge (bonus if left open for no reason xD) 

  42. Product placement --> the robot that cleans the floors 

  43. Product placement --> eating or drinking in any kind of food chain (bonus if it's not subway xD) 

  44. Character who is a children or a baby (max to elementary school) 

  45. School Uniform 

  46. Charcater who drop or forget something behind (bag, purse, wallet,  phone ect.) 

  47. Sword fighting 

  48. Any kind of martial art fighting, boxing or police/criminal scuffle 

  49. Character punching another character (if you can't take a picture of the actual fist, the wound, cut lip or black eye, is fine too) 

  50. FL saved from danger by ML (any type of danger) 


BONUS: One screenshot that show a cliché or a typical event that usually happens in the dramas of the country you have chosen, MDL listed countries are:    




Hong Kong 




@beestressed's getting to know you 8 days drama challenge

Original post: https://mydramalist.com/profile/beestressed/feeds/B3V5OUE


Can’t this challenge be put on the games forum, instead of feed?

As written in the first post, you can copy any challenges in the game forum if you want. You have to create a topic and propose the challenge. Be sure to give credit to the original owner. 


No I meant as in instead of seeing the challenge on the feed for it to be in the games forum instead as I’m seeing them on the feed 

It's not possible. 

The feed and the forum are two different things, you can't see what is in the feed on the forum and the other way around. The feed is not a topic that can be moved, it's like the facebook or twitter wall where people share their personal posts.

Feed and Forum are frequented by different people, not everyone who uses the feed also uses the forum and the other way around.

As I said if you want the same challange on the forum you need to create a topic and see if people who frequent the forum will participate. 

If you have further doubts on how to use the site please use the support section, cause this topic is reserved as a database. 

peppersquak challenge



How should i start with this game .. i am totally new in this ... I don't how to start ... Does before completed drama count here too