So, I'm not sure if this will take off or not but oh well. Basically, you have to guess the drama the haiku is describing then make your own describing another one.

I'll start off with an easy one:

Girl goes to prep school

meeting a curly haired jerk,

the two fall in love.

Boys over flowers

Guy is a swimmer

Girl is a weightlifter

Super cute college romance

Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo

Girl's a timid chef

Possessed by a virgin ghost

Guy owns restaurant

Oh My Goddess(?)

Superpowered girl

Is in a love triangle

Second lead Ji Soo

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Searching for his bride
Lonely for nine hundred years
Found his bride and more


Historical drama

Female disguise as a eunuch

Fall in love with crown prince

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds(?)

Idols everywhere

Like in High School Musical

They burst into song

Dream High(?)

Thai/BL drama

Best friends have a drunken hook up

One friend has GF

Together With Me: The Series

The male lead falls first
They met through an online game
A campus couple

Love O2O

MC's smart as hell

Childhood friends with a prince

He dies in the end : (

Grand prince ???? (seriously I don’t know...)

Guy who love his cat and need a coloc

 writer of dramas who need a home

Arranged marriage 

Because This is My First Life??


Country girl who needs to find her brother


SHopping king louie(?) 

Furry director     

Meets gay fangirl curator 

And finds family 

(Too obscure???) sorry :(          

Her Private Life


He has obsession

Her jerk boyfriend  uses her

She goes to prison

Secret (2013) with Ji Sung and Hwang Jun Eun.

Male lead is a jerk

Mom always plays matchmaker

Girl is an airhead