I'm not sure if there was a forum like this but couldn't find it anyways.

Recommend a movie from the person above you's Plan to Watch-list! ♡ 

I recommend you, "Sunny " I really love her!

Burning, it was so mysterious and really held up to the book!

Since you like dramas with dark/psychological plots I will recommend something similar.

-I saw the devil: Very dark and it is a really good film.

-Silenced: For me the darkest movie I have ever seen. If you are not feeling well or your psychology isn't great at the moment please avoid it, because -for me at least- it is a very painful movie.

Ackery: I watched I Saw The Devil after seeing your comment and oh boy it's a great movie! So much gore, but I loved every minute even though my heart was almost jumping out of my chest. 

Door Lock is just great, so scary and made me very paranoid but honestly I didn't mind. Perfect for a night where you just don't want to ever feel safe in your apartment again! 

Perfect Proposal

On Your Wedding Day


The Liar and His Lover - A nice interpretation by Sato Takeru !

Old boy and Confessions

Swing Kids, very splendid!

Shoot my Heart, a really emotional and touching movie!