(borrowed this idea from myanimelist forums)

 First, start with a theme and then everyone list a drama or movie with it.  After #10 you suggest a new topic, and repeat. You can list more than 1 title at a time.

*if the topic is too  specific/can't list 10 titles then you may start a new topic in 24 hours 

Let's start with:

10 dramas/movies with poor girl/rich guy

1. Boys over Flowers 

3. I Am not a Robot

5. Cinderella and Four knights

6. Khun chai Puttipat

7. Master devil do not kiss me

8. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

9. W - Two Worlds

10. Memories of the Alhambra

10 dramas/movies with a non-human main character? 

1.My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

2. You Who Came From the Stars 

3. W - Two Worlds 

4. Legend of the Blue Sea

5. My girlfriend's boyfriend