40. Hospital scene. (There always has to be at least one. Someone needs to end up in a hospital.)

On top of that, why do they need to stay a few days for a broken arm or leg?

45. Shopping/Trying out outfits - FL tries out a few outfits before coming out with the one gorgeous dress for the ML to be smitten or speechless by. 

46. Character is poor but has the latest phone

47. Talking outloud to themselves 

48. ML gets injured to save FL

49. Character is poor but never wears the same thing twice — coats and shoes included (not to mention handbags). 

50. oh those shower scenes


On top of that, why do they need to stay a few days for a broken arm or leg?

Or an IV for a cold?  Don’t forget when they rip the IV out afterwards.  Ouch! And bloodless. 

51. ML giving his jacket to FL cause of cold

52. Main lead always ask some love advise about their love woes from a friend/someone but disguises it as someone else. 

"A friend my cousins has this girl she likes, but my friend's cousin at one time  stepped on his foot, and accidentally kissed th the girl, and now this girl is mad at counsin's friend.."  

53. Unrealistic medical recoveries like ML/FL fully recovering from a severe injury that would realistically be fatal or debilitating, ML/FL waking up from a coma (where the chance is very low) and having no side effects, etc.

54. Poor quality in shoe wear

55 Drunk confession 

56.Sleep on the Mc's shoulder while the other one is talking seriously 

57.Carrying the FL in bridal style in front of others when she's in a bad situation 

Hmph.....nobody came to carry me when I faced such situations 

58.  ML/FL/2nd ML/2nd FL - some combination of two eating ramen(ramyun) @ at a convenience store, sometimes w/ Kimchi.

59. ML\FL reaching to a place first where ML/FL is going to be injured or is already lying there being injured