15. Childhood friends

17. Misunderstandings that cause the leads to fight or break up

18.  Where the ML grabs the FL from being run over by a car or person & she ends up in his arms  and they exchange soulful gazes. 

19.  Accidental kiss (Falling kiss)

20. Slap/kiss 

21.  Cross dressing

22. Second female lead playing the innocent/hurt victim, making the FL look bad in front of the ML 

23. Flashback of something that just happened five minutes before. 

24.  Contractual relationships

25. Throwing a glass with water/juice over someone. 

26. Amusement park scenes

27. FL standing on her tiptoes to kiss the ML, usually wearing white shoes. 

28. Mother abandoning son in amusement park 


15. Childhood friends

I am so tired of this stereotype! It's everywhere