There are alot of stereotypes around the world..

They are in societies, in regions etc etc..

But "today" ,

We will be talking about DRAMA stereotypes 

Or which time again we will be mentioning it :D ..

I don't know exactly :D ..

Here's the rules :D :

1) One person can only mention one stereotype at once.

Reason : Cause it's possible that stereotypes of dramas can be fewer so we should give everyone a chance mentioning one.

3) Please don't repeat the stereotype which got already mentioned before you.

2) You have to number the stereotype you are mentioning.

Means, you should mention the stereotype numberwise

Like :

"1)"  _mention the stereotype_

"2)" _mention the stereotype_

And go on like this..

Doing this we will know that total how many stereotypes dramas have often which are about dramas..

It can be total only 50 or more than that.


1. White Truck of Doom

.. A little morbid start but here are the evidences. 

Its a spoiler vid, but The editing of this vid, is so epic and hella funny...! 

4. Rich male/poor female

8. The forced wrist grab

10. The stumble that somehow ends up as though the woman had been dipped while dancing.

11. When people don't finish their food/drinks in cafes/restaurants

12. Female lead get's mad cause male lead stole her first kiss

14) Rain-so that someone can appear out of nowhere with an umbrella for the FL or run down the street to the umbrella shop and bring one back.