Remember what to do? The person above will ask a question and the person about to post will answer. Enjoy! I'll start!

Are you happy that MDL is back?
yes, I am :)

did you have a nice day today?
My day wasn't bad (:

What dramas are you currently watching?
Ojakgyo Brothers, Ouran High School Host Club, All My Love and Coffee House :)

do you watch anime?
Yup :)

Have you watched at least one drama from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan?
yes, but I haven't completed the taiwanese one

what's your the most favourite drama?
Secret Garden

What is your favourite Movie ?
The Classic

do you listen to kpop?

Which is your favourite K-Pop Boyband ?
B2ST :D Because they're the best :p

Do you listen to any kpop girl groups?
C.N Blue

have you seen Heartstrings?
ooops, yes I many of them

which is your favourite girl group?
I don't really listen to that many girl groups. So I guess either SNSD or 2ne1 haha.

Do you like Lee Seung Gi? :p
yes, I do

have you seen the movie My Mighty Princess?
No I haven't seen it.

Is it good?